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tree pruning workerTree Pruning & Trimming Services In New York

Depending on the needs of our customers, JC Tree Care NY Corp provides a variety of tree pruning or trimming services throughout the New York Metro area. The main reasons for tree pruning though include appearance, structural integrity and health. If your trees are always maintained under those principles, you’ll have little to worry about. Our tree pruning and trimming company only employs knowledgable staff and arborists with a minimum level of experience. This is a must when your working with delicate objects such as trees. If one wrong cut is made, your tree just won’t grow the same again.

We employe certified arborists to not only inspect your tree species but also to provide all the right cuts and decide which route is the best to take. There are so many different factors that we look at in order to make the right decision. These include:

  • Tree age (freshly planted or mature?)
  • Location
  • Season
  • Species

tree trimmerWhen we say that tree pruning is specific to situations we mean that some people may want their tree shaped in a more natural manner while others may seek to rid it of dead branches. We have experience and provide daily work in each area. Before we complete your project, an expert will also visit you to inspect the tree and give you his diagnosis of what you may need done. In order to accomplish some goals such as tree health or better defenses against storms, we may utilize a different method of tree pruning. These include:

Crown Thinning: This is the specific removal of live branches in order to reduce the thickness or density within the crown. Thinning is the most common type of pruning we provide because it provides benefits toward it’s structure as well as your lawn. Thinning out the crown allows wind to travel through the tree putting less strain on it’s structure. This will decrease the chances of heavy storm damage since the wind can be funneled through. When we trim your branches it also allows light penetration to your lawn. This is useful if your having a hard time maintaining grass growth underneath your tree.

Crown Raising: Have you ever had to duck while walking underneath a tree on the street or by a house/buiding? Crown raising involves our experts trimming away lower hanging branches in order to increase your tree’s clearance height. This way, people will be free to walk underneath your tree on the sidewalk without being inconvenienced by low hanging branches.

tree pruning company nyCanopy Pruning: This is useful when we’re looking to remove dead, dying or diseased branches. We’ll trim away other parts of your tree including water sprouts, suckers and dead bark. These are all positives in order to maintain the health of your tree. Dying branches attract insects and that’s one problem you don’t want to have.

So whether you have a large tree branch that has broken and needs to be trimmed or an unmaintained tree that needs to be rejuvenated, give us a call. We have a fully licensed, insured, and experienced staff ready to answer any questions you may have.

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We provide tree pruning & trimming services to all types of residential and commercial customers within Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk.
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